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What to do when a home is dated or not presentable

Ever have to list a rental, a bank-owned property or a home that just isn't in the best condition to photograph?

As a professional photography company, we always try our best to photograph a home in its best light. Unfortunately, many times, we're not able to find the right angles to make a home look its best.

With the idea of trying to find a solution to a problem, HangTime27 found a solution that works well.

Knowing that it's hard for most people to visualize what a home "could" look like, since it isn't worth doing traditional photos, HangTime27 will come in and do a 3D scan of the home. From that 3D data, we will generate both 2D and 3D floor plans. From the data, we will also generate a video of a 3D walkthrough of the house, showing a potential buyer a "what if" scenario of what the home could look like.

By creating a more desirable version of the house, more people will see what the potential could be after its been renovated.

Here's an example of a 3D Rendered video, created from a 3D scan of a house.

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