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How do you handle the slow times in real estate? Wait for the market to pick up?

Updated: Feb 19

Or do you use the time to make a marketing plan to improve the new year ahead?

What if each year when the down time comes, you look forward to it? It now becomes a time that you reset, take control of the coming year, reflect on what didn’t work and what can be done better.

Now you have the time to research and find the service partners that align with your goals, budget and brand.

 Believe it or not, Hangtime27 offers many marketing services  aside from the services to market your listings. We offer:

Every year at this “down time” we reach out to agents asking if they would like to discuss their marketing plan for the year ahead.

The majority never takes us up on it. They get caught up in the cycle of never working on their business because they’re too busy working in it to make a plan. If this rings a bell, then its time to break the cycle.  

If you’d like to learn more about what we can offer, contact us today and schedule a consultation   No pressure, no obligations – lets have a conversation today.

Michael Basch


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